Once you think deeply of our education system you realize that everything is fake and we only learn how to get a lot of information in very short period of time with no deep approach, only studying summery of our materials and then learn how to solve exams to get full mark or high marks, and after the ending of the exam, you realize that you do not know anything, nothing still stick to your mind, we are very poor in the field of imagination, you must know how to do as written in books , no thing new , no thing imaginary and innovative.
look at our TV series, all series are similar , our movies, even they are silly or 100% copied from the foreign movies.
Also in the cartoon movies, every cartoon movie has imaginary characters with innovative idea but in Egypt we do ""Bakar" with "a goat called "Rashida"
Look t Wall-E, Up, Monster House, ...etc ? There is no "Rashida" or "Bakar" , there is no blocks repeated hundreds times with nothing new!
When Einstein said " imagination is better than knowledge" he was true to high extent, How can you imagine that you can access a person on America and talk to him instantly ?? who can say that I can know every thing happen in the time it happens ? who can say we can travel to Venus and land on moon , who can say that we can build a the highest building in the world "Khalefa building" ?
... I think everyone has the ability to imagine but our education system kills all the imagination capacity in his mind , and he is only become the receiver.

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غير معرف يقول...

You are right 100%, and I'm with you in everything
but, I have a small comment that our education system learn us how to get a lot of information ... but in very long time compared with what it deserves

سكندري يقول...

I mean that we had a lot of materials
and practically most of these information are unimportant in real life