The worthest trip through my life

I used to travel last five years from Alexandria to Suez bi-weekly, the trip takes about seven hours by train.
Last Year , I went on the worst Trip in my life, It was winter and I couldn't sleep well at home , and I was obligated to travel from Alex to Suez as I had an exam, I went out from home to the train station, but unfortunately, I was late five minutes , so the train had left , I waited about an a hour for the next train, got into it & slept , I couldn't feel any thing around me , I was so tired, the train stopped at suez but I was sleeping , after the train left the station , I wake up and see a different people from those that I met in the begining of the trip , and different regions I have never seen before .
I got off the train in the next station and took a private car to Suez. The trip ended after 14 hours ! so I think this is the worthest trip through my life

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