Really I do not want to write this post as it represents my failure in my first interview , but after two days of the interview I decided to write it to myself and to the others to learn from it!!!!!
let's start ...
first of all , I am a fresh graduate , and have not get a job yet, so I am new in jop haunting process , and it considered the first real experience to me, any way ... every thing must has a beginning and ... I began.
After my friend told me that he would go to Port said , I gave him my CV to post it in any company he went, and he did , after one week , a telephone rang to inform me that I had an interview after 2 day ...
At this time I was tied in the course I had in Alex of computer , English and communication skills that I decided to have after graduation.
I traveled to Port said , had a written exam and fortunately I was succeeded, so I met the head of the operation and the head of the HR , it was tough interview but I was passed, as I was so calm , so quite , so so self confident ... that was the truth...
The Head og the HR told me that I would have an interview again after a period of time to decides whether I was accepted or not..
Good news ... TRAINEE is not a super bad position as I thought , I asked a lot of people about it , and they all told me that it is a chance , you must seize it , consider yourself as you in military, and you was stick to it , and you will have an experience , it is very important to you .... Hmmmm , you are all right
but but but
I hate this "BUT", I was tied in my English and computer courses , so I can't study to the final interview , any way, the secretary phoned me to inform me I have an interview in the next day...
I was informed also that the chairman of the company would interview me , and he was a chemical engineer !!!!!!!!!!
I went to the company early and stayed two hours after the estimated date - I think it is policy to show even we are patient or not - and finally the interview began , the man seemed to be so tough person , asked me strange question let's tell you some of them
* From when did you wear glasses ? I responded to him and quickly asked again, what is your eyesight power ?.. what this kind of questions, I answered 9/6 , he did not understand this type of measurement, I explained it to him and finally he got it , Another boring question , Do you have problems recognizing the colors ?????? I answered quickly , NOOOOO , he got his pen up and told me what's the colors? i said blue , and this , ... yellow ... and this... red .. and so on ?????? I think he is an old mad man ?????
I was so worried at this point in the interview, and he didn't begin yet ? he opened my my CV and asked me, what did you learned in the training in the (EPC) company, I told him and then he asked me how they produce VCM ( kind of monomer) I answered with a question I remembered but his facial expression was so bad ? they do not produce VCM by this method ..!!!!.... I told him that it was in 2007 and I do not remember ? he said how come ??????? it is a concept and you MUST remember , I was shocked again it seems that I would be fired after one minute at most !!!!!!
he got the CV again and told me a technical question , I answered and while answering He interrupt me saying How can we calculate this quantity ( what I was talking about ) tell me the rule or law of it !!!!! Ugh , I don not remember , suddenly he told me Ahmed ... m3 elslama , you must study hard and call Mr. Osama if there is is an opportunity for you , he said as he was shouting at me ? I stand up and I told him I want to say some thing to you ... after graduation I have not time for revise my technical materials , as i was tied in in the English and computer course for 4 months ,,,, but any way thank you , I went out from the room called the next interviewee and went out from the company and decided to do this to "DO LIST
Study your CV well , your CV represents you , what you write in must be identical to what you really do or did. . . . Do not speak a lot about your incoming goals to all people , even they like you , it is secret till the end goals is reached. . . . Study hard as knowledge is power. . . . Do speak a lot before the interview to be more self confident in the interview and remember.

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